Jewish Wigs

What is a sheitel?
"A sheitel is the Yiddish term for wig. Observant Jewish women cover their hair after marriage with a wig or other hair covering."

Why do Jewish Orthodox women wear wigs after marriage?
"Modesty is a very foundational value in Jewish life. From a very young age, children are taught to act, speak, and dress modestly, expressing the refinement of Jewish life and connection to G-d.

The outer self is covered in a modest and dignified way, allowing the inner self to shine through. The emphasis in Judaism is on internal qualities, rather than outer appearance.

Can Jewish women wear wigs before marriage? 
"It’s unusual for Jewish women to wear wigs before marriage, but they certainly can and do if their hair is thinning, if they are experiencing hair loss, or going through medical treatments that cause them to lose their hair."

Does a wig have to be Kosher certified for a Jewish woman to wear it?
"According to Torah law, a Jew cannot benefit from anything that was used in service to idolatry. Some years ago, a large percentage of the hair that was used for wigs was sourced from India. It came to light that sometimes Indian women would cut their hair as part of an idolatrous ritual, and subsequently this hair was sold to wig manufacturers.

At that point, some women stopped wearing human hair wigs altogether, and others made sure that their wigs had certification that ensured that they were not from this source and were indeed permissible by Jewish law.

At this point in time, I believe that this is no longer an issue, maybe because the hair sourcing is monitored more closely or because the majority of human hair used for wigs is no longer sourced primarily from India, and within the Orthodox community, there generally aren't kosher certifications on wigs.

Jewish wigs are an obvious choice for Jewish women who need a wig, no matter the reason. But what exactly makes a Jewish wig kosher, and how important is it for you to choose a kosher wig? Many traditional Jewish women wear head coverings after they get married. This may take on different forms ranging from hats, scarves and wigs (often referred to as sheitels [SHAYtulls]) that all cover and reveal different lengths of hair. Our Jewish 100% genuine human hair wigs are rabbinicaly certified making them kosher and fully compliant with all halachic requirements.

We have two types of wigs for women. One type uses hair from China that is commercially processed for color and texture, while our other is made from virgin female hair (called so because the hair has not undergone the harsh treatment of chemicals to remove hair color) so the hair keeps all it’s natural look. Either hair type can be used in a custom human hair wig that is customized to your wishes with both a natural look and feel that is unmatched to anything you would find off the rack in a department store.

We understand that it is important to you that your Jewish wigs should not only fit well and cover your existing hair, but to also look gorgeous and feel comfortable to wear. Our staff understands your desire for a seamless blend of lifestyle, convenience, comfort and fashion all while respecting Jewish traditions. That is why we offer the finest quality and a custom style so you get a wig that not only looks great but can be styled just like your own natural growing hair.

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