How many bundles of hair do I need?

Many of our customers ask  these questions all the time when placing an order for hair extensions . There are many factors that go into answering these questions.  Also, while you ponder your options in how many ounces you need, please note that 1 bundle = 4 oz = 113.4g

First – Make sure you are aware if your bundles are a full 4 ounces. (1 pack of hair/ 1 bundle) will traditionally be 4 ounces.

The bundles at our online store are double weft , so you will not need to go over board with 4-5 bundles unless you are styling two different individuals.

Second – Double wefts are better quality and they give both body and securely sealed bundles. These types last exceptionally longer.

Choosing Bundles with Closures

Keeping in mind that curly and wavy hair textures will fall at a different length, from a straight hair texture ( as depicted above), so going forward with your desired hair texture by length you should refer to the chart above and utilize a measuring tape.

Have the measuring tape fall from your crown to the desired length then proceed to selecting your bundles.

For more clarity when purchasing your bundles with either a 360 Lace frontal- You will need 2 bundles that should equal to 100 grams each bundle. It doesn’t matter the hair texture, two bundles is more than enough. As the 360 Lace frontal is an entire circumferential closure hair piece.


When choosing your bundles with a 13×4 , 13×6 inches Lace frontal. Base your decision on the space left from your crown to nape ( typically 2-3 bundles).


When purchasing your bundles with a standard 4×4 inches or 3.5×4 inches lace closure ( whether silk top lace closure or standard all lace closure)

Always going back to making sure your bundles are 100 grams each-  You can purchase 2-4 bundles as these types of closures are smaller pieces placed strategically to close off exposing wefts either at the front of the hairline , towards the side , or even at the crown.

Seeking a well versed, educated not to mention licensed professional hairstylist will always guide you towards your ultimate styling goals.


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